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Why We Exist

The Culturevist network exists to provide the inspiration, training and support to develop our company cultures. We're a community of Company Culture Activists in companies such as: Airbnb, Buffer, Google, Facebook, HSBC and Selfridges. 

Culturevist was founded on the belief that every company should have a culture that people love. Companies that don't should fade away because people won't want to be associated with their brand.


What We Offer


What We're Up Against

We're struggling to keep up with our customers. Change is happening faster than it ever has before

Too many companies are not trusted. Politics, egos and incentives getting in the way

We're lacking that something special. We don't need even more conversations that lack value


What We Help Our Companies Achieve




Yes, there are obstacles in the way of us developing our company culture - there are reasons things are currently in such bad shape for so many companies. If we work together, we can overcome them. We provide each other with inspiration, training and support by:


Sharing our mistakes and failures to help each other avoid the same


Sharing 'best-practices' & success stories to learn from others


Inspiring each other to create 'new-practices' to move the world forward


What Makes Culturevist special

To help us understand the spirit of Culturevist and decide whether it's something we'd like to be part of:

Some of us care about company culture so much that we're willing to limit our career, or even lose our job, for it. Some of us want to play by the rules and not be too disruptive. Everyone's welcome.

Some of us want to change things within our existing companies. Some of us want to create new companies and make some old ones obsolete. We all want to help change happen. 

We recognise some of the best things in our lives were unplanned and could never have predicted. So we create space for unplanned and unpredictable things to emerge. 

Our network is rich and diverse. We learn from Culturevists in a wide range of roles and industries.

It's hard to say whether something's 'right' or 'wrong'. Everything involves a trade-off, and each decision depends on our vision and what we want to prioritise.

Some decisions are based on data. Others are based on gut, instinct, intuition, belief, or something similar. Often the idea starts with a sense, then we test it and look at data or feedback to see what happened. We don't know how things will be until we try them. It's unlikely any two things will turn out identical if something's changed when we try them.

Design (of workshops, events, articles, websites and so on) fundamentally impacts our experience and outcome. Making things closed and more controlled has certain benefits, as does open and less controlled. The art and value is in deciding which bits are which and how they're designed.

Changing our mind is something we see as a positive thing. Updating decisions based on new information is a strength rather than a weakness.

We have a bold vision and welcome all to join us on our ride. We're aware that, given different people like different things, Culturevist might not appeal to everyone.

We don't just talk. We act. We're activists.


What People Say About The Progress We're Making

"The Culturevist Deep Dive into one business really works, and I came away with at least 3 actions that I’ve already spoken to my team and my Directors about". 

Rose, Head of HR, Paperchase

"Culturevist helped me realise the importance of creating a permanent role for a Culture Manager in our business, and gave me the confidence and insight to make it happen."

Corinna, Executive Assistant to CEO and Culture Manager, Busuu


How Culturevist Came To be...

"11 years ago I got my first taste of Company Culture in a Masters course at University. I loved the theory, and couldn't wait to gain practical experience as part of a company. I've been fortunate enough to have been part of two start-ups, two global companies with over 100,000 employees, and worked with hundreds of companies from a diverse range of industries. One of the startups went through hyper-growth, was acquired for $1.2 billion after only 4 years, and I experienced the integration into a 40 year old global giant. I wanted to discover who else cares as deeply about culture as I do and contribute to supporting each other. I found so many communities and websites that have existed for years, though none of them quite did it for me. They didn't offer what I was looking for. And so I decided to try and help provide something that I was looking for. Over two years later I devote myself to the Culturevist (Company Culture Activist) community, not because I have all the answers, but because I feel compelled by the importance of company culture." 

Matthew Partovi, Founder, Culturevist. LinkedIn, Twitter.