Would Anyone Like To Hold Their Actual Job Interview At The Culturevist 'Hiring For Cultural Fit' Event?


Do you know anyone that would be up for doing one of their actual job interviews with one of their actual candidates in a public room full of 'strangers' during our Culturevist 'Hiring For Culture' Event on 3rd September?

We received incredible feedback on April's 'Hiring For Cultural Fit' event, and in a conversation with David D'Souza earlier today I was thinking: How could we make this event even better? My initial idea is, rather than us talking about how to Hire For Cultural Fit, let's actually do it. So someone from a company would interview one of their actual candidates. 

I realise this might not work, but hey, I'm a Culturevist, and up for exploring the possible and experimenting!! :) This might be terrifying (and might not make sense) for most organisations, though are there any organisations or roles that it (a roomful of strangers, evening-timing, etc.) would actually enhance the interview process? And if we couldn't do an actual interview, maybe we could role-play? We could find a couple of the 'best' interviewers for cultural fit, and have some volunteers act as fake candidates. And maybe it doesn't just involve one or two interviewers, maybe we get even more creative?!

The Hiring For Cultural Fit event is on 3rd September, so we have some time. Here's the proposed agenda so far. Anyone got any ideas?