Company Culture Bootcamp

Keen to develop your company's culture but find you don't get as much value as you hope for from big events and meetups? Find you're often at a different level to others in the room, meaning you don't learn as much as you'd like? Can't always attend events in-person?

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Guided Six Week Course

Six structured 90 minute group workshops offering a high-value peer-to-peer learning experience. These will be online with each of us participating using group video calls. Between each session there will be tasks to work on independently that could take approximately an hour each week.


You'll leave the course having deepened your understanding in multiple aspects of company culture. These will be based on real-world examples and insights.


Learn In A Handpicked Small Team

We've found people learn best in small teams with things in common and difference, rather than in big rooms of the people who happen to turn up. You will be placed into a tight multi-company team of up to 5-7 people and we'll learn from each other. The 'external' perspectives will help to inform your thinking and keep it fresh.


You'll form a personal support network that you can continue to communicate with for help beyond the bootcamp.

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Get Help With Specifics & Create A Personalised Action Plan

Rather than just hearing abstract theory or so-called 'best practice', you'll share the specific cultural challenges/opportunities you're most interested in, and receive specialist advice from your peers and Matthew Partovi.


You'll create a personalised 'action plan' for how you'll strengthen your company's culture as a result of participating in the bootcamp. Actual activities you and your colleagues can do to see impact.

Dates: When enough people have registered interest in one of the Bootcamps, you'll be written to with the next course dates.

Cost: The six week bootcamp experience is GBP £960 (approximately USD $1170), payable once your place has been confirmed, in advance of beginning of course. 

Application Deadline: Register your interest as soon as possible as space is extremely limited - to create a rich learning environment there are only 5-7 places on each Bootcamp.

Participation: To help team bonding, we'll participate using our video and voice on either our laptop/computer or mobile device. The Bootcamp is currently in English.


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