Meetup: Sales Team Culture vs. Engineering Team Culture. (How) Do We Close The Gap?

  • WeWork Chancery Lane 14 Gray's Inn Rd WC1X 8HN

Feel as though there's a gap between your Engineering and non-Engineering teams? The way they communicate, make decisions, and act? Unsure of what to do to close the gap, or even whether to try? Join us for an evening of learning and contributing. Thank you to our hosts, WeWork - the community of creators. 

18:30 Arrive and intros


Each share


Breakout sessions

Wrap up and networking

20:45 Leave / off to the pub

*Agenda is subject to change

Based on feedback from attendees, we prefer to have more 'inhouse' people than Consultants/Vendors/Suppliers each event. The purpose of attending our events is to learn about culture, rather than to sell what we do. If you're a Consultant/Vendor/Supplier of related Products/Services, we'd love you to join, and to do so you need to bring at least one person who works in-house - here's how: 1. Add your name on the Waiting List. 2. Ask your in-house contact to register their ticket. 3. Contact me to let me know who you introduced and I'll release your ticket for you to register.