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Take a different approach to different types of decisions. If a decision is reversible, requires lighter process/bureaucracy  - source.

Transparency of salaries - source, equity - source, weekly improvements - source, latest funding round - source, and where customer payments go - source. Eliminated the office to become fully remote/distributed - source. Have a special approach to coaching conversations - source. Fitness apps for team members - source. The Buffer Bootcamp (a bit like a probationary period) - source.

No CEO, no budgets - source


New joiners take the Treat Trolley round the office. "It reflects a “be humble” attitude, by allowing new hires to don an apron and serve the team. On the Treat Trolley, titles and seniority don’t matter; you’re simply a valued new member of the crew. A Dropboxer." - source

Blameless PostMortems and a Just Culture - "What does it mean to have a ‘blameless’ Post-Mortem? Does it mean everyone gets off the hook for making mistakes? No. Well, maybe. It depends on what “gets off the hook” means. Let me explain" - source

CEO took 2 months paid paternity leave - source. Encourage people to write on walls - source. Have a park on the roof - source.

Moves away from annual static individual rating for Performance Management - source.

Government Digital Service (GDS) in the UK
List of things that it's OK to do e.g. say "I don't know", ask for more clarity, stay at home when you feel ill... - source 

Huawei is rotating its CEO every six months to stay fresh - source

No longer has unlimited vacation policy - source

"Instead of conducting three separate assessments over several weeks, it will now combine the process into one day" - source

Makers Academy
People set their own salaries - source.

Interview over dinner - source.


End every meeting with a closing round - everyone has a chance to have a last say - source.

National Health Service (NHS) UK 
Hinchingbrooke hospital implemented 'Stop the Line’ - "a slogan borrowed from the manufacturing industry, where every worker on the shop floor has the power to bring the production line to a halt if they sense any risk to safety" - source.

Cameos: sitting in on other teams' meetings, all-hands meetings, open-house sessions - way anyone can create cross team meetings, approach to intranet and choice of communication tools - source.

"The Square offices house a coffee shop that serves a proving ground for Square’s hardware and software. And Square employees work shifts in local coffee shops so that they can see how their services work in the field" - source.  At Square, employees get access to documents from board of director meetings, and get to ask questions and give feedback - source

Notes from engineering meetings are shared company-wide - source

Two-day workation to create a new product - source

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