• It seems like the possibilities of what could be considered as and offered as a perk or benefit are almost endless.
  • This creates an opportunity because there are so many ideas we could get inspired by and lots of opportunity to do something special.
  • What some people consider perks, others may not - and rather consider them as regular/normal.
  • Some perks/benefits may be more relevant, easier, accessible to your brand than others, e.g. if you work as part of an airline, it might be more relevant/easier to get free/discounted flights. Or geographical location, e.g ski passes.
  • Some may have the view that people are spoilt and should be grateful for what they have rather than wanting more, whereas others may have the view that if they work hard and create value, then why not be rewarded? 
  • Some have disproportionate impact. e.g. might not cost much compared to how much happiness/pleasure/value/ease it creates. e.g. fruit/sweets, flexibility of when work

A few ideas

  • Belonging
    • Each year fund/support someone (up to a limit) to do something they wouldn't be able to do otherwise e.g. a lifetime dream
    • Paid vacation for you & friends and family
    • Paid Company trips in desirable/unique locations
    • Presents on special days e.g. birthday, personal and work anniversaries, other celebrations
    • Association with the brand - reputation that comes with being an employee or part of the brand
    • We're able to influence the type of reward/bonus mix we'd like
    • Provide access to you company's rich and valuable network 
    • Access to and time with senior leaders, decision makers, role models
    • Employee ownership, profit-sharing, bonus scheme, stock options, shares
    • Joining bonus
    • Friends/family discounts on you company's/others' products/services
    • Fund clubs/associations/sports teams membership/equipment
    • Contribution (time, funding, skills etc.) to volunteering/charities 
    • Childcare / facilities
    • Weddings - example
    • Retail discounts
    • ... more to be added
  • Working
    • Work the hours we want
    • Unlimited Holiday
    • Funded training (internal and/or external courses)
    • ... more to be added
  • Environment
    • Access to other offices/co-working spaces
    • Choice of up to date technology, tools and devices
    • Ping Pong / Table Football / Arcade machines
    • Ping Pong / Table Football coaches
    • Healthcare, gym or gym pass, swimming pool, sports passes (could include a wide range of sports such as skiing) fitness classes, yoga, meditation, haircuts, massages, nail care, laundry, dentist, doctor, etc.
      • Could be free/discounted
      • Could be onsite
    • Fitness apps to track your (and your colleagues) fitness and wellbeing
    • Travel allowance
    • Free Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, weekly shopping list for during the working week
    • Bring your pet to work
    • Creative working environment
    • Pub/bar
    • Nap rooms/sleeping pods
    • Hire out cinema screen for film showing for people/friends/families/clients etc
    • ... more to be added

What You Could Do?

  • Ask people what they'd like as perks or benefits
  • See of there are some that are particularly related to your brand,e .g. if a travel company, offer free/discounted travel etc.
  • Consider any tax, ethical, moral implications and unintended consequences 

What's a Perk Or Benefit?

There may be some debate. Whether something is a perk or the norm and part of the way things are. Or both.

How do we measure the 'effectiveness' of a perk or how successful it is?

  • Depends why we introduce each perk. Could include things such as feedback, impact on work (quality, productivity, or other measures). 

Why introduce perks/benefits?

  • To bring people together. So to help people get to know each other, build relationships, trust, friendship
  • To reduce potential causes of stress
  • To reduce potential things that could take time away from people doing valuable work when we want to
  • Because it feels like the 'right' (or a good thing) to do
  • To attract and retain people.
  • To help bring your brand to life

When Perks & Benefits might not be enough or could have a negative impact

  • Bear in mind, if just do these without doing other things related to Management style, Processes, Equipment etc... they may not have as much of an impact as they could.
  • They could in fact have a negative effect as it looks like we just offer these things as bolt-ons but don't address more structural/systemic aspects about the way the company works, such as the way performance is measured, the way people Manage, etc...


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