Culturevist Networking Meetup - How Do We 'Scale' Our Company Culture?


On the evening of 28 June 2016, a group of Culturevists with a common interest of 'scaling' company culture came together to network. This is a place to curate some of our highlights and learnings.


Some Key 'Takeaways' From The Evening

Three tips from @grazedotcom Tell your story. Ship early and often. Invest in face time. #Culturevist #companyculture
— Adam
“Brand is a promise to the culture. Culture is how you deliver it. Put culture first” @CultureAmp at @culturevist
— Jo
I believe a significant force on why culture management becomes more challenging as companies grow (which was mentioned in the session a few times), is due to the limitations of how many people can connect in social groups - i.e. as we surpass 150 people in a group, new groups form, therefore new challenges emerge – collaboration, shared values, geographical divides and so on... (related reading - Dunbar’s Number)
— Niall
Be aware of the trade-off between convenience for management reporting and the impact on employee experience. An example: introducing hierarchical job titles not only affects morale, but it also means colleagues and clients demand the most ‘senior’ people even when they may not actually be the best fit for the activity
— Matt


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Thanks to BDG and Informare for hosting us. 




Didier and some of Culture Amp's London team presented results from their New Tech Benchmark report. A look at what trends discovered in 2015 can tell us about the year to come.  Click here to access.