Video Update 3 - Things That Influence Company Culture, New Tech Benchmark Report, Featuring You


List of things that influence company culture and are influenced by company culture -View 

Culture Amp's New Tech Benchmark Report - View

Curation of 'Takeaways' from Culturevist Networking Meetup - How Do We 'Scale' Our Company Culture? - View


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Video Update 2 - Perks & Benefits

Curation of Perks & Benefits - Here.

Question from the community: Which companies/platforms offer and enable us to manage non-retail benefits (such as yoga, doctor, beautician, wellness clinics, financial planning etc) for our people? At the moment we manage arrangements with the providers individually. This is time consuming and we also don’t gain from economies of scale. We also want to review the perks and make sure they are of value to our people - Respond