Some say culture fit is critical. Some prefer 'culture add'. What do these even mean? If diversity of thought, mindset and experience is valuable to be representative of the people we're trying to serve, should there be any boundaries in who we hire? If we hire anyone, then do we lose what makes our company/brand who we are? Where is the balance in benefitting from diversity but not losing values and ways of working common to the organisation? Are there some types of diversity that are desired, and others that are not? These are the sorts of topics we'll be exploring.


Deep-dives are more intimate events designed for approximately 5-8 of us to have rich conversations to learn from each other. 

  1. Learn practical examples: Hear stories of what worked and what didn't.
  2. Get access: Meet others leading the develop of their company cultures.
  3. Form a support network: Develop relationships that last beyond the evening.


Who will be there?

We are a network of people working to develop our company cultures. Our community is made of people from companies such as Airbnb, Facebook, HSBC, and Selfridges. 



Wednesday 11 January 2017,  London. Venue details provided after place is confirmed.
18:30 Arrive, welcome, and get to know each other
19:00 Explore the topic - Company Culture Fit vs Diversity
20:00 Networking
20:30 Close

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If you're an external Coach, Consultant, or Supplier we'd love you to join our Open Networking events on Wed 1 Feb, Wed 3 May, Wed 2 Aug, and Wed 1 Nov.


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