There is no single definition of company culture. We've read hundreds. Here is how we define it:

Company culture is a force that influences the way people think and act, which is made by the way people think and act.


Imagine you're a sailing-boat - the culture is the wind around you. It can be incredibly helpful and take you to amazing places, or devastatingly destructive and almost impossible to fight against. It's hard to just try and change the direction and strength of the wind, but there are things that affect it. Mountains, temperature. Similarly there are things that affect a company's culture, and are affected by a company's culture.

Some other definitions I've heard include:

"The way people do things around here".
"What guides people when no-one is looking".
"Collective behaviours of the people".

A few of things to think about:

  • Culture may vary within a company because of factors such as geography/regional-culture.
  • Given there are so many different definitions of organisational culture, what does that mean about how develop or measure it? 
  • For now we use the term 'Company Culture' interchangeably with 'Organisational Culture' or 'Corporate Culture'.


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